Stephen James Kranz

Stephen James created Caliper & Crayon so that he could help teams to thrive on technical and cultural levels.

While working on and leading small teams, he learned that the collective work of a group is optimal when the group establishes and adheres to mutually agreed upon rules for daily work, but also retains the flexibility and compassion afforded by a vision of the bigger picture.

He believes respecting this duality of relationships is fundamental to a peaceful and productive workplace.

When not in a lab or office, you may find Stephen James walking about town, walking on a trail, or sitting next to a stack of books in the library. Only rarely does he write about himself in the third-person.


Hubert's responsibility is to greet human visitors to the Caliper & Crayon headquarters with curiosity and affection. Also, he hunts flies.

While neither particularly organized nor eloquent, his distinguished character has proven him to be an invaluable staff member since the company's inception.